"VAT reform" information solutions

  • Optimization of purchasing mode

  • Reduce tax costs

  • Three-in-one

  • Refined management

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Q & A

  • How will the BT project be dealt with after the reform and expansion of business?

    In general, the construction industry adopts the general tax calculation method, but for certain projects such as BT projects, the tax bureau will allow the simple tax calculation method. BT project refers to a new type of project that the owner authorizes the BT contractor to finance the project and then transfer it to the owner as a whole. The owner uses the funds raised during the construction and after the project is completed to pay the financing principal and interest of the enterprise Management mode. Most BT projects are cooperating with the government and large and medium-sized enterprises. The collection period of construction enterprises is long, and the input tax amount occurs early in the project. If the input tax occurred before the VAT reform, in a sense, there is no input tax, so the general tax calculation method cannot be adopted, and it can only be replaced by a simple tax calculation method.

  • How to prevent the invoice risk caused by the construction industry attachment behavior in the value-added tax era?

    Anchor refers to the behavior of a construction enterprise that allows others to undertake projects in the name of its own enterprise within a certain period of time. For example, Company A and the government signed an engineering agreement worth 100 million yuan. Company A subcontracted the project to Small Construction Company B. After the project was completed, Company A obtained an invoice of 95 million yuan from Company B for accounting and paid a business tax of 3 million yuan (100 million * 3%). After the increase in business reform, Company A was required to pay a value-added tax of 11 million yuan (100 million * 11%). Because Company B has low qualifications and does not have the qualifications of a general taxpayer, its management is confusing, and it does not have the habit of purchasing from large suppliers. Company A was unable to deduct the input tax, which caused Company A to suffer a loss. Company B may also falsely invoice, causing tax risks.

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Features of "Information Reform" Special Informationization Solution

  • Fully support a series of measures such as organizational adjustments, optimization of procurement models, and selection of supply (subcontracting) vendors in order to adapt to "business-to-business-increase";

  • Realize the comprehensive management of business through the information platform, improve the overall tax planning ability of the enterprise, and reduce the tax cost of the enterprise as much as possible;

  • Promote the construction industry informatization from "financial, business integration" to "financial, business, tax integration", and realize the "three-in-one" requirement of business flow, capital flow, and invoice flow;

  • According to the characteristics of complex value-added tax calculation and strict control, it can realize the detailed management of the corresponding construction enterprise characteristics and reduce the work intensity.

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