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Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Garden engineering

After nearly 20 years of rapid development in the landscape industry, there are currently thousands of first-level qualified companies nationwide and tens of thousands of second-level qualified companies. The pressure brought by the rising cost of labor, such as labor, cannot be ignored, so the entire industry has entered the era of low profit.

The great development of computer information technology, network and mobile applications has made it possible to change the business and survival mode of enterprises through information technology, support large-scale operations across regions, standardize internal management processes, and improve the efficiency of inter-departmental collaboration, thereby saving costs and improving Profit margin has become the consensus of garden enterprises.

The PM2 project management software garden enterprise version is based on Bangyong's 15 years of engineering project management system development and implementation experience, combined with the management excellence of dozens of domestic double-double garden enterprises ----------- tailor-made for landscape garden enterprises Customization is different from so-called solutions made by other manufacturers on standard universal products.

The system is based on project budget control and engineering project management as the core. It focuses on construction schedules, the supply of nursery stock and building materials, the deployment of manpower and machinery, the implementation of revenue and expenditure contracts, the planning and use of funds, and the budgeting and control of costs. , Comprehensive coverage of design, engineering, nursery, maintenance and other businesses.

System Features

Special feature

1. Comprehensive plan control for construction as the leader

On the basis of the construction schedule, which is WBS (work breakdown structure), the preparation of materials and materials demand plan, construction equipment demand plan, labor demand plan, capital income and expenditure plan, and quality and safety inspection and protection plan are formed. Comprehensive schedule management, coordinated with the adjustment of the plan.

2. Budget cost control based on internal quotas

Bangyong Technology recommends that users of the PM2 Garden Enterprise Edition establish an internal quota database and prepare overall cost plans including labor, materials, machinery, expenses and subcontracting during the budget stage as a basis for control.

The following is the enterprise quota database interface:

Cost estimation for:

3. Keep close to the supply chain management of garden enterprises

The following are the supply chain management features of garden companies:

Based on the total budget plan

2. Submit purchase application based on construction progress

3. Allow auxiliary materials to be controlled according to the amount

4. Freight, loading and unloading labor costs are amortized into the cost of materials or separately managed according to expenses

5. Dealing with the problem of changes in seedling requirements caused by changes in construction plans, differences in the number of arrivals and orders

6. Management of sporadic procurement

7. Additional seedlings

8. The supply chain process requires early warning of all links

9. Management of non-compliance with nursery stock inspection and contract (order) requirements

10. Adjustment of material cost variance

11. Management of "white picking" materials

4.Manual and mechanical deployment

Prepare labor and machinery demand plans for each work surface according to the budget, and arrange the entry and exit of laborers and construction equipment according to the construction schedule. Calculate the actual input situation through manual attendance and machine tool shifts. Finally, check the people, Machine's planned usage and actual investment.

5. Control of project department management expenses

Strengthen the preparation of management cost budgets, control the expenditure of reserve funds in accordance with project cost budgets, and control expense reimbursement based on cost budgets to support changes in cost budgets.

The following is the project expense reimbursement interface:

Customer case

Customer case

Application of Landscape Engineering Industry

Bangyong PM2 garden engineering management system integrates project management and enterprise management, which truly meets the overall management of project business (materials, mechanical equipment, subcontracting, and labor) by the engineering enterprise (or project department); and can help users realize engineering projects Refined cost and real-time control; joint monitoring of cost and schedule.


Typical customers

宁夏森淼集团(一级+甲级) 江苏山水环境建设股份有限公司(一级+甲级) 北京京林园林绿化工程有限公司(一级+甲级) 江苏大千生态景观股份有限公司(一级+甲级) 河北润衡集团(一级+甲级) 燕赵园林景观工程有限公司(一级) 上海十方发展股份有限公司(一级+乙级) 江苏城中园林建设工程公司(一级+乙级) 北京绿视点园林景观工程有限公司(一级) 北京盈达园林有限公司【大筑园林】(一级) 卓越市政园林建设集团新疆分公司(一级) 南京园林建设总公司(一级) 上海宗瑞园林工程公司 嘉兴市水利园林绿化工程公司 吉林新悦园林有限公司 …… Changchun Zhongbang Garden Co., Ltd. (Level I + Level A) Ningxia Senmiao Group (Level I + Level A) Jiangsu Shanshui Environment Construction Co., Ltd. (Level I + Level A) Beijing Jinglin Gardens and Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. (Level I) + Grade A) Jiangsu Daqian Ecological Landscape Co., Ltd. (Grade 1 + Grade A) Hebei Runheng Group (Grade 1 + Grade A) Yan Zhao Garden Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. (Grade 1) Shanghai Shifang Development Co., Ltd. (Grade 1 + Grade B) Jiangsu Chengzhong Garden Construction Engineering Company (Grade 1 + Grade B) Beijing Green Vision Garden Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. (Grade 1) Beijing Yingda Garden Co., Ltd. [Big Building Garden] (Grade 1) Excellent Municipal Garden Construction Group Xinjiang Branch (First Class) Nanjing Garden Construction Corporation (First Class) Shanghai Zongrui Garden Engineering Company Jiaxing Water Conservancy Garden Greening Engineering Company Jilin Xinyue Garden Co., Ltd ...