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Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Water Edition

Enterprise management status and expectations

With the rapid development of the domestic and international construction market, the rapid increase in the number of projects undertaken by engineering companies, the continuous expansion of the company's size, and the increasing changes in the needs of owners, the management mode that was originally based on manual management within the company is no longer available. Adapt to the requirements of further development of enterprises. Each department has devoted considerable efforts to the basic work of preparing plans and statistical reports, the information feedback is not timely, the planning and purchasing arrangements are not reasonable, the progress management basically relies on manual methods, and the evaluation of each department of the project lacks factual data. Project costs are out of control from time to time, and company leaders cannot fully grasp the overall situation of the project. Therefore, it is urgent to further improve the internal information management system of the enterprise.

How to ensure the healthy and rapid development of the company; how to transfer the quality and quantity of the undertaken projects to the owners; how to shorten the induction training time of the company's employees; how to manage the work in accordance with standardized procedures; how to achieve unified management of the company's multiple ongoing projects; How to control project costs and improve project profitability; how to carry out effective management and control during project execution; how to supervise and manage project material procurement, integration and logistics; implement the state-owned PM2 project management system is the best solution to the above problems means.

Value Analysis

The state-owned PM2 project management system embodies the refined management process of the project from the two levels of the enterprise and the project. On the one hand, it provides multi-project monitoring, analysis, and tracking functions for the group management, and on the other hand, it analyzes and allocates funds and personnel. At the project level, the project income contract is the main line, and the equipment and material management is the focus. The management process of the budget list of materials and equipment, demand planning, purchase application, procurement contract, procurement storage and receiving installation is the same as the project planning execution tracking process. Organic integration, comprehensive management of the project's equipment and materials, costs and expenses, engineering contracts, capital revenue and expenditure, construction progress, quality and safety and other aspects.

Leadership analysis decision

The core of group management is to analyze the income, cost, and profit data of different levels of the group, branch company, and project department. The group and enterprise leaders dynamically control the progress of the project, quickly find problems in the project, and use scientific analysis methods to conduct Multi-dimensional, multi-angle, multi-project analysis and comparison, so as to provide scientific basis for various decisions.

Multi-project management standardized management

Establish a project information database for the group to standardize project management. On the premise of dynamically grasping the progress of the project, the dynamic analysis and deployment of various resources such as funds and personnel between projects are realized.

Comprehensive material equipment management

The management of materials and equipment is the key link of cost control in the entire project management work of engineering enterprises. The material management subsystem of Bangyong PM2 project management system realizes the perfect combination of project procurement and unified procurement, and is automatically generated through the analysis of project material requirements. Material demand planning; material purchase applications and purchase orders, notices, etc. are convenient for the actual operation of the purchasing department; functions such as outbound and inbound management, project occupation, inventory analysis, and maintenance information provide intelligent analysis for procurement and warehouse management.

Detailed and complete cost accounting system

Cost accounting and control system involving the cost of materials and equipment, subcontracting costs and management costs, covering the entire process of budget costs, planned costs, actual costs, etc., overcomes the static management scale of one-time completion and final accounting, and integrates project budget and engineering The implementation supervision and control of the schedule is incorporated into the real-time management track, so that the company and various functional departments of the project can monitor the progress of the project and the implementation of the budget at any time to make scientific decisions.

Rigorous contract management process

Unified management of revenue contracts, expenditure contracts, and maintenance contracts, involving various types of business including contract signing, contract registration, collection, change, payment, settlement, and invoicing. More than a dozen types of contract statements dynamically reflect the contract from different perspectives and levels. Implementation.

Scientific human resources and equipment resource allocation

Reasonably allocate human resources such as project managers, technical managers, engineers, etc., and record the use and flow of important resources in each project; manage the account, entry, exit, and shift of various engineering equipment, and accurately analyze the resource load situation In order to achieve the reasonable deployment and use of company resources.

Efficient project schedule control mode

Quantitative management of plans and actual progress to overcome subjectivity and randomness caused by non-quantitative qualitative management. From scheme demonstration in the design stage, equipment selection, material and technical specification review, to installation and commissioning of equipment and equipment, and commissioning and trial operation, the optimal evaluation goals and critical paths are followed to overcome the traditional experience model.

Multi-dimensional intelligent early warning mechanism

Whether the purchase request exceeds the purchase plan, whether the purchase order has fully analyzed the inventory and project occupation, whether the contract signing has caused the cost to lose the target, whether the contract payment exceeds the limit, whether the equipment needs maintenance, whether safe construction measures are in place, etc. Assist companies in fine-grained management to become passive and proactive, and control risks before they occur.

System implementation and corporate strategy optimization

The implementation of the project management system is not only a set of management system installation and deployment in the company, but a comprehensive and systematic project that requires cooperation from all sides. The implementation of informatization should be integrated into the adjustment of the company's strategy and organizational structure: through the informatization, the adjustment of the organizational structure and department responsibilities should be implemented, and the informatization construction to improve the company's various basic information construction, Means to implement the optimization of business processes, in turn, support the implementation of informatization through the adjustment of organizational structure and department responsibilities. Informatization construction is part of an enterprise's strategic optimization and adjustment, and it is also complementary to other basic tasks.

Typical customers

Bangyong PM2 Software Helps Hubei Water General Water Conservancy and Hydropower Company Improve Information Management

In recent years, with the expansion of the domestic and foreign markets of Saiding Company and the continuous expansion of the company's scale, in order to achieve the company's leapfrog development, Saiding has been looking for scientific and effective project management methods, hoping to use information technology to integrate business processes and improve Management level, speed up the decision-making process, strengthen teamwork, and realize the dynamic management of the entire process of engineering design, procurement, and construction, and the integration of enterprise management and project management.