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Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Real estate industry

Bangyong PM2 Real Estate Project Management System uses PMBOK project management theory, integrates Bangyong's project management system implementation experience of thousands of real estate companies over the years, comprehensively controls the entire life cycle of the project, and establishes company and group level investment forecasting, management and control ,analysis system. This system is based on the control of capital flow and development costs, is based on contract management, is based on house sales, and is launched through an information collaboration platform. It involves project funds, costs, contracts, sales and leasing, bidding and procurement. , Schedule control, work plan and assessment and other aspects of unified management, to achieve the financial department, contract budget department, engineering department, sales department, procurement department and other related departments of collaborative work.

System Features

1. Establish the centralized management of information based on the corporate network and the Internet, and coordinate the various types of businesses to achieve unified and standardized information resources among the group's business systems;

2. Based on the project life cycle theory, realizing the dynamic management of real estate projects through planning, tracking and control, emphasizing the important role of planning for the success of real estate projects, and guiding the implementation of projects by formulating detailed and perfect plans; Collect project progress information (including project progress, cost progress, image progress, and delivery progress) at any time during the process, compare the actual progress with the plan, and correct any deviations in time, so that the project is always on the planned track Go forward and earnestly ensure the duration, cost and quality of the project.

3. Realize multi-angle and multi-factor management of real estate projects

There are many elements involved in real estate project management, including the management of people, finances, and materials, as well as the management of funds, time, contracts, equipment, and quality. We pay full attention to these elements and integrate these elements with a scientific project management model. management.

4. Can effectively achieve communication and coordination between project parties

There are many organizations and personnel involved in project management of real estate companies. Generally, they include the financial center, procurement center, cost center and other departments of the group headquarters, as well as engineering, finance, and budget departments of the molecular company or project department. A large amount of information needs to be analyzed and processed. The speed and accuracy of information transmission will directly affect the decision of the project, and also affect the completion time and cost of the project. Achieve timely and accurate communication and coordination, thereby effectively shortening the project cycle and reducing project costs.

5. Special attention is paid to project fund management, which can achieve perfect docking with the corporate financial system

In real estate projects, it is vital to keep abreast of project funding needs, supply, use, and repayments, and to ensure dynamic balance of funds. Through a comprehensive grasp of the funding plan, availability of funds, capital expenditures, and repayments, the project's funding status is provided at any time to help the owner effectively achieve capital balance and reduce project risks and costs; meanwhile, procurement management, contract management, and sales management It is linked to the fund management function and can be perfectly connected with the financial system of the enterprise through the financial interface, which can fully meet the needs of financial management of real estate projects.

6. Achieve cost control throughout the process

In the various stages of investment project establishment, land acquisition and demolition, design and construction, and engineering construction, it involves functions such as cost estimation, cost target, project budget, cost planning, actual cost occurrence, and cost prediction. It can reflect the dynamic cost and engineering of the project at any time Progress, so as to fully realize the cost control and engineering progress control of each stage of the development project.

7.Provide powerful contract management functions

Classified management of design contracts, procurement contracts, building construction contracts, etc., involving various businesses from contract signing, contract registration, contract grants, contract changes, contract splits, etc. More than a dozen types of contract statements dynamically reflect from different perspectives and levels Contract execution.

8. Organic integration of sales and leasing management functions, so that sales funds are included in the entire fund flow of the project

Sales is an important part of real estate projects. It must not only support the sales business, but more importantly, coordinate sales plans, sales funds with the overall capital plan and cash flow of the project, and provide a basis for fund balance for decision-makers. And means.

9.The analysis data is simple and intuitive, especially suitable for decision makers.

The system provides a variety of information such as diagrams, tables, and text from different angles to show the status of the project. Various types of information can be easily imported and exported to facilitate leadership analysis and decision-making.

Customer case

Customer case

Nanguo Real Estate's Application of PM2 Project Management Information System

Nanguo Real Estate has applied the PM2 project management system for almost one year. The overall application of the preliminary pilot project has reached the expected management goal and has been implemented in all projects. The implementation of the system has the biggest change in the working model: the cost budget department, so that the operating staff will get used to working in the system and sighed.


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