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Bangyong & China Project Management
2019年09月 Episode 164 September 2019
Organizer: Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing
News Center
A number of old customers renewed Bangyong's informatization construction and further development
Bangyong honor series products help small and micro enterprises informatization development
Bangyong Signed Beijing Shichuang Shangdi System Integration Industry Informatization
Bangyong won the bid for informatization of college infrastructure in Northwest University for Nationalities
Bangyong Helps Shenzhen Weitai Construction Realize Information Management of Engineering Projects
Bangyong won the bid for Changchun Normal University infrastructure construction informatization
Bangyong Helps to Realize Information Management of Shandong Luzhong Highway Construction
Bangyong Signed Beijing Tonganyuan Fire Protection System Integration Industry Informatization
Theoretical frontier
What are the factors that affect enterprise project management

Many companies in China have gradually introduced the project management model under the traditional management model. Many companies have trained a large number of project management staff, and a lot of system management documents have been compiled. Why is it difficult to improve the project management level? Analyze the factors that affect enterprise project management. [ Learn more ]

case analysis
Guangdong Biri Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Biri Technology Co., Ltd. is a three-level wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Country Garden. Realize the comprehensive connection of project management, procurement and financial management information on the integrated management platform, covering the entire process of enterprise operation and construction management of construction projects, mainly taking project budget as the leader, cost accounting and financial management as the core. Implementation, the project management informatization has achieved significant results: from the original manual account and the general OA used for approval, change to achieve comprehensive project process management through an integrated management platform. [ Learn more ]

Products and Technology
College V8.4 Upgrade Checklist

Business functions: 1. Relevant investment statements of the Ministry of Education 2. Other optimizations. Convenience of operation: 1. Menu reorganization 2. Mobile phone scanning 3. Accounting item generation 4. Approval format setting. Technical upgrade: 1. QR code anti-counterfeiting (printing, uploading attachments) 2. More cloud service functions 3. Enhanced free report function 4. Enhanced form 2 to BS function. 5. The development platform menu supports users to freely adjust the interface style and fields. 6. Increase website service functions. 7. Support more browsing. [ Learn more ]

Common problems and analysis

General contract 8.2.3 Open the website and report the internal data error, troubleshooting method: Run the following statement in the A / C set library, if the record cannot be found, it means that the department or company that is currently logged in does not have it, where ey00313 = "100", 1001 is the login name , Just replace this. [ Learn more ]

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