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Bangyong won the bid for Changchun Normal University infrastructure construction informatization

On June 6, Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for Changchun Normal University's infrastructure information management system project. Changchun Normal University's Infrastructure Office will use the PM2 university infrastructure version products of Bangyong to realize the informatization and systematic management of infrastructure projects.

Changchun Normal University is located in Changchun, a beautiful spring city in the northern country. It is an important training base for basic education, preschool education and applied senior professionals in Jilin Province. It is a provincial normal university with a doctoral degree authorization, and it also owns Institutions of higher learning with a long history of running schools and a glorious revolutionary tradition. The school was formerly known as the Government Changchun Normal School established in 1906 (Guangxu 32), and it is the birthplace of normal education in Jilin Province. For more than a hundred years, in different historical periods, the school has changed its name to Changchunfu School, Changchun County Normal School, Jichangdao Normal School, Jilin Provincial Second Normal School (referred to as the Second Normal School), and Changchun Normal School. In 1958, the municipal government established Changchun Teachers College on the basis of Changchun Teachers College. In 1981, the school was approved as Changchun Teachers College, and in 2013 it was renamed Changchun Normal University.

The school's infrastructure work aims at mastering the progress of the main links of the project, controlling project costs, improving efficiency and management; for projects including preliminary approval of projects, investment plans, bidding, contract signing and execution, material and equipment management, project implementation and acceptance, and project final accounts The entire process is comprehensively mastered and controlled. To achieve the control and management of construction period, investment, quality, safety, archives, etc., there are many responsibilities, heavy tasks and great difficulty.

Bangyong PM2 university infrastructure project management system is a management platform based on the characteristics of large scale construction, long construction cycle, diverse construction funding sources, strict cost control, cumbersome application procedures, and tight construction schedules. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of infrastructure construction and management. Not only can the project process data and files be stored electronically, the project progress and contract payment data can be updated in real time, but various types of data can also be classified, counted, and queried, becoming an important tool for managers' work and leadership decisions; All kinds of information are open and transparent, which is also conducive to better public supervision. Therefore, for the logistics infrastructure requirements of Changchun Normal University, Bangyong PM2 university infrastructure project management system is fully applicable and can well meet it.

The cooperation between the two parties, Bangyong PM2 university infrastructure project management system will be implemented in Changchun Normal University, the university infrastructure field is the area of strength of Bangyong company, with more and more successful cases, Bangyong PM2 university infrastructure version will be more The more perfect it will be, it will contribute to the informatization management and control of more and more university infrastructure projects.

At present, Bangyong PM2 university infrastructure project management system has been successfully used in dozens of universities such as Tsinghua University, China University of Geosciences, China Agricultural University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Normal University, Civil Aviation University of China, Zhejiang University, Hainan University, etc. application.

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