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Bangyong Helps Shenzhen Weitai Construction Realize Information Management of Engineering Projects

In early June, Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Weitai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract. Shenzhen Weitai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. will use the PM2 products of Bangyong to realize the informatization and efficient management of construction projects.

Shenzhen Weitai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weitai Construction) was established in 2009 and is mainly engaged in comprehensive construction enterprises for municipal roads, bridges, highway projects, and landscaping. The company always adheres to the corporate purpose of "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit", adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, scientific management, innovation and pragmatic, and honest service", and constantly pursues the corporate style of "stubborn hard work, truth-seeking, pragmatic and hard work." Brilliant, striving towards the goal of "scientific management, efficient operation, and an excellent general contracting enterprise in the industry".

With the continuous advancement of the informatization process, the leaders of Weitai Construction decided to use informatization to manage the company's contracts, funds, materials and other aspects to improve the efficiency of project management and control to meet the company's rapid development needs for informatization. To this end, Wei Tai Construction signed a contract with Bangyong, an industry-acclaimed information supplier.

The signing of this contract, Wei Tai Construction will apply the information platform built by Bangyong PM2 system to achieve contract, project progress, material and cost management, and at the same time through the collaborative office subsystem, information sharing, to achieve the unification of different projects in different regions Coordinate management to provide information data support for company leadership decision-making, improve project management and control efficiency, and push the company's internal information construction to a new level. In the construction process of Weitai Construction PM2 project, Bangyong will also rely on professional technology, rich industry experience and high-quality and perfect services to help Weitai Construction PM2 project achieve a complete success.

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