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Bangyong & China Project Management
2019年07月 July 2019Issue # 162
Organizer: Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing


News Center
Bangyong Signed Henan Mingshuo Electronic System Integration Industry Informatization
Bangyong Signed Chongqing Haiyue Construction Integration Project Informatization
Bangyong Signed Beijing Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated R & D Project Informatization
Bangyong Signed Beijing Jiqi Zhongtian System Integration Industry Informatization
Bangyong Helps Qi County Jieyuan Natural Gas Realize Information Management
Bangyong won the bid for China University of Petroleum (East China)
Bangyong helps Qingdao Haichenchen realize project information management
Theoretical frontier
Coping strategies for software project extension

At the end of the trial operation of the project team, users have proposed improvements to the two larger modules. This means that the project team will spend at least half a month to do it again. Faced with the formal operation deadline, the project extension is almost certain. To find the source of the problem, we must first solve the problem of communication. This includes communication with users, department leaders, and project team members. [ Learn more ]

case analysis
Guilin Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. PM2 Information Case

Haiwei Technology is located in the beautiful Guilin National High-tech Zone Information Industry Park Haiwei Technology Park. It is a joint-stock enterprise in which Guangxi SASAC has a stake. It is a light environment science and technology enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and innovation capabilities, and is also an influential enterprise in the domestic optoelectronic industry. Due to the company's development needs a set of information management system software for the entire process of project management, in the end, Beijing Bangyong Technology, a well-established project management software manufacturer, was selected as a cooperative supplier. [ Learn more ]

Bangyong Products and Technology
PM2 Generate Voucher Function Introduction

In Bangyong PM2 project management software, the voucher parameter settings, voucher templates, and accounting vouchers under the "fund management" subsystem are used to automatically generate vouchers for various businesses and pass them to the financial software through external files. [ Learn more ]

Common problems and analysis

When the general package 8.2 website has been processing Loading ... status, check whether the NET service is open. You can use this method to check: In the address bar, enter the URL http: //Handle/init.ashx. This will list the specific error information. You can also check whether the service in the figure below is started. [ Learn more ]

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