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Bangyong Signed Henan Mingshuo Electronic System Integration Industry Informatization

On April 24th, Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. and Henan Mingshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract. Henan Mingshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will build an information management platform with the help of Bangyong PM2 system to realize the informationization and efficiency of integration projects. Control.

Henan Mingshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingshuo Electronics) was established in August 2009 with a registered capital of 11.01 million yuan. Is a high-tech company engaged in computer network equipment and building intelligent engineering. Mainly engaged in network integrated wiring system, equipment monitoring system, computer network system, security system, communication system, lighting and audio broadcasting conference system, garage management system, information display release system, system integration and other projects.

In recent years, with the fierce market competition, in order to develop and strengthen itself and improve competitiveness, Mingshuo Electronics must speed up the process of information construction and make management more refined and standardized. Based on this, Mingshuo Electronics' leadership has actively sought and selected Information provider. As a well-known informatization manufacturer in the system integration industry, Bangyong Technology has focused on informatization development for more than a decade. With mature informatization management concepts, professional informatization products, perfect after-sales service, and stable customer groups in the system integration industry, Successfully won the favor of Mingshuo's leadership.

PM2 project management software weak current system integrated version is aimed at the management characteristics of sub-sectors such as weak current engineering, system integration, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent building, intelligent transportation, security and fire protection, and communication self-control. It focuses on the project implementation process and focuses on supply chain management For the purpose of cost control, comprehensively manage all aspects of project implementation such as planning progress, logistics procurement, contract funds, human resources, labor subcontracting, and collaborative office. This software is based on the PMBOK project management knowledge system and integrates the management essence of more than 600 weak current system integration companies, including planning progress, contract management, material management, cost management, collaborative office, fund management, document management, sales management, Manage multiple subsystems including cockpit, human resources, equipment management, and project evaluation and reporting.

With the signing of the contract, Mingshuo Electronics will systematically control the company's project engineering contracts, materials, costs, funds, documents, etc. through the information platform built by Bangyong PM2 system to achieve continuous improvement of the company's production and operation and management efficiency. , Promote the company's internal control model to standardize and information.

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