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Case Study of Anchor Business Informatization

I. Business background

"Attachment", the so-called "enterprise-linked operation", as far as the construction industry is concerned, the behavior of a construction enterprise allowing others to undertake projects under its own name within a certain period of time. An enterprise that allows others to use its own name is the anchored enterprise, and the corresponding enterprise or individual (individual industrial and commercial households and other natural persons with operating behaviors) engaged in business activities in the name of the anchored enterprise is the anchored person.

An anchored person anchors a qualified enterprise to undertake business operations. An anchored party provides qualification, technical, and management services, and the behavior of the anchored enterprise to pay management fees to the anchored enterprise is an anchored behavior. The operation of anchor operation is actually a contract operation. If the client operates externally in the name of the client, the client shall bear the relevant legal responsibilities; the operating income and expenses of the client are all included in the financial accounting of the client.

In the increasingly fierce domestic market competition, the anchor business is already very common and must face the actual situation. Especially in 2016, after the construction reform of the construction industry increased, the management of the anchoring business showed the following management difficulties: due to the lack of effective project management tools for systematic and standardized management, it is difficult to control the update of the customer file summary and update the access to the qualification certificate appointment. A series of management difficulties, such as difficulty in project reporting and progress inquiry, difficulty in determining the payment conditions of current accounts and statistical analysis, and difficulty in controlling project costs.

For example: A NEEQ listed company provides qualification-linked services, mainly below the honorary qualification, but because there is no effective information management method, it has brought confusion to the management and development of the enterprise.

1. Security engineering enterprise qualification

2. Intelligent building qualification

3.Quality Management / Environmental Management / Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

4. National High-tech Enterprise

5. Computer software copyright registration certificate

6.Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

7. Software Product Registration Certificate

8. AAA Excellent Enterprise Certificate of Integrity

9. North Security Association executive director unit

Second, the analysis of the demand for business informatization  

The business content to be managed by the anchored business core includes customer files, qualification appointments, project filing, capital transactions and cost accounting. The detailed business requirements are as follows:


(Flow chart of capital flow management)

1.Customer file management function

1.1 Establish a detailed customer file information database, and through the supporting system, it is agreed that the customer file must be entered into the system.

1.2 Strictly control customer file operation authority. Control the addition, modification, deletion, and export of customer files.

1.3 Quick and convenient batch recall, transfer, and copy of customer file permissions.

2. Qualification appointment management function

2.1 Establish a detailed qualifications archive. In the case of multiple sets of the same qualification, they must be entered into the system separately, distinguished by different qualification codes, and necessary conditions for the appointment of qualifications must be established. Qualification requirements distinguish between the original and the copy.

2.2 Qualification Appointment and Lending List Dynamically grasp the use of qualifications in the next two months.

2.3 Qualification appointment application is only allowed to make an original appointment. Once the original is reserved, it is not allowed to make an appointment again for an application with overlapping time.

2.4 The qualification seal and borrowing application are directly generated through the appointment form, and a copy of the qualification can be added.

2.5 After the qualification is used, the used qualification can be returned in stages.

3. Project report management function

3.1 Quick query of the registered project, only the unregistered project can initiate the project reporting approval process.

3.2 Project registration information should reflect the project progress from multiple perspectives. Such as:

Payment status: unpaid, paid;

Filing status: Filing application (under review), quasi-reporting (approved but not paid), formal filing (approved and paid), revocation of filing (revocation of unpaid reporting items);

Bidding status: not bidding, bidding, bidding, not bidding;

Project Status: Not Started, Started, Completed, Stopped, Accepted, Transferred;

4. Contract and expenses collection and payment management function

4.1 Payment approval can connect multiple windows at the same time. Such as: payment window, invoice registration window, project information window, through multi-window query to determine whether the money can be paid.

5. Costing Management Function

5.1 Establish cost budget editing function and enter project budget cost.

5.2 Establish the project actual cost function, and update the actual cost in real time according to the cost account in the payment window.

5.3 Establish a comparative analysis report between the project budget cost and the actual cost, analyze the over-budget cost items and the reasons for exceeding them, and summarize the experience. Try to avoid over-budget situations in new projects.

Application function display

After more than half a year of concentrated development, the engineers of Bangyong have formed a complete set of anchor management solutions, which can fully realize the information and process management of anchor business.

1. Customer profile information database


2. Application and inquiry



3. Qualification loan and return



4. List of qualification appointments


5. Project budget cost preparation and comparative analysis



Application effect

After nearly half a year of implementation services, the state-owned PM2 project management software "Affiliated Business Solution" has shown its own strong control and competitive advantages in the actual application of customers, bringing information management to qualified affiliated enterprises. huge help:

★ The company's top management controls the project progress in real time, and the progress is effectively guaranteed.

★ Company leaders can grasp the implementation of the project in real time and dynamically, laying a foundation for the regulation of the project.

★ Company leaders can control the project cost budget and actual expenses in real time, and control the risk of out of control of project funds.

★ Company leaders can control the use of qualifications in real time and reasonably allocate qualification appointments.

★ Company leaders can control the latest customer information in real time, and export and back up customer information to hold all customer information in the company's hands to prevent customer loss.

★ On a unified platform, all the information of the project is directly feedback, which is beneficial to the timely processing of various project stakeholders.

★ Form a project document library for easy reference by leaders and accumulate valuable experience of the project.

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