Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Product introduction of Bangyong PM2 project management software weak current system integrated version

I. Product Overview

PM2 project management software weak current system integrated version is aimed at the management characteristics of sub-sectors such as weak current engineering, system integration, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent building, intelligent transportation, security and fire protection, and communication self-control. It focuses on the project implementation process and focuses on supply chain management For the purpose of cost control, comprehensively manage all aspects of project implementation such as planning progress, logistics procurement, contract funds, human resources, labor subcontracting, and collaborative office. This software is based on the PMBOK project management knowledge system and integrates the management essence of more than 300 weak current system integration companies, including planning progress, contract management, material management, cost management, collaborative office, fund management, document management, sales management, It manages multiple subsystems such as cockpit, human resources, equipment management, and project evaluation and reporting. It is the first choice platform for the project management informatization construction of system integration industry enterprises.

Second, the overall process and main features

1. Overall flowchart of system integration industry version

2. Main functional characteristics

  • * Group enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) platform;
  • * Detailed and comprehensive cost control system;
  • * More sophisticated project-based supply chain management than ERP;
  • * Easily coordinate logistics procurement with project progress;
  • * Integrated management platform for suppliers, equipment materials, and price information;
  • * Comprehensive contract management;
  • * Real-time grasp of project dynamic cost and dynamic profit;
  • * Industry-specific sales management;
  • * Business data supports efficient collaboration.

Customer value

  • 1. The integrated version of Bangyong PM2 project management software system provides data management tools to provide smart insights for the decision-making layer of the enterprise and to avoid risks.
  • 2. Through information sharing, comprehensively improve management efficiency. It is not only an assistant for leaders of various departments and project managers to control the project, but also an indispensable tool for daily work of personnel at the basic level, such as procurement, finance, and engineering;
  • 3. Integrate the essence of hundreds of system-integrated enterprise management industries in the industry, meet the individual needs of enterprise information construction, help enterprises transform and upgrade, and help enterprises realize continuous innovation of value.

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