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PM2 Project Management Software University Infrastructure Edition

Take the plan as the guide and control the execution as the core!

A management platform launched based on the characteristics of large-scale construction, long construction period, diverse sources of construction funds, strict cost control, cumbersome application procedures, and tight construction schedules.

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The school's infrastructure work aims at mastering the progress of the main links of the project, controlling project costs, improving efficiency and management; for projects including preliminary approval of projects, investment plans, bidding, contract signing and execution, material and equipment management, project implementation and acceptance, and project final accounts The entire process is comprehensively mastered and controlled. To achieve the control and management of construction period, investment, quality, safety, archives, etc., there are many responsibilities, heavy tasks and great difficulty.

PM2 Project Management System (University Infrastructure Version) is a management platform based on the characteristics of large scale construction, long construction period, diverse sources of construction funds, strict cost control, cumbersome application procedures, and tight construction schedules. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of infrastructure construction and management. Not only can the project process data and files be stored electronically, the project progress and contract payment data can be updated in real time, but also various types of data can be classified, counted, and queried, becoming an important tool for managers' work and leadership decisions; All kinds of information are open and transparent, which is also conducive to better public supervision.

main idea

Product core theory

Project Management Knowledge System "PMBOK2008"

Project management ideas

Take planning as the guide and control and execution as the core.

Industry roads for university infrastructure

Re-planning: preliminary plan, investment plan, schedule

Execution control: progress, investment, funds, etc. are executed as planned

Emphasis on overall change control: contract change rate control, on-site visa,
Payment rate control, etc.



Management ideas

Management ideas
Project management
Integrated management
Project main control line
Business Assistant Control Line
Decision Control Line
Knowledge management
  • Progress control: real-time monitoring of project progress, not alerting when not in the plan;
  • Investment control: planned total investment, source of funds, accumulated funds in place, and completed investment;
  • Capital control: investment plan for the current year and plan investment completed this year;
  • Contract signing and execution: You can check at any time including project progress, project negotiation, and capital payment; ensure that the contract amount is within investment control, project negotiation and visa are within project cost control, and project final accounts are under audit control.
  • Tender management, supplier management, electronic document management, quality and safety risks.
  • Leadership Studio
  • Collaborative Office (OA)-to achieve document transfer, business (such as contract signing, contract payment, etc.) online review and monitoring functions, in addition to leading the original review and filing documents for paper documents, other Paper-based information transmission, various documents and approval opinions are transmitted in the system in the form of documents and pictures, and transmission information recorded by the system.
  • Document management-all contract documents, approval forms, engineering documents, maintenance documents and all documents are standardized and uniformly managed.


functional module

Information portal

  • Information portal
  • Work portal

Engineering project management system

  • Schedule
  • Bid management
  • Contract management
  • Money management
  • Document management
  • Up-front management
  • Bidding Management
  • Quality Control
  • Safety management

Data flow interaction

OA (collaborative office)

Server system

Database systems

Web environment

Up-front management

In order to make the preliminary work of campus infrastructure construction legal and compliant, during the construction process, there will be many important submissions, approval documents and certificates.

The procedures, planned time and results (including the construction of a summary table of the project progress (and can display the current status of the approval), the materials required for each job, the necessary attachments, and the approval results) are loaded into the system. Different forms of analysis charts, such as Gantt charts and checklists, can be generated according to conditions. Not only is it conducive to mastering the progress of project approval, but also to be able to understand and query any process and result related to the previous approval, which is beneficial to the subsequent link to use the data of the previous approval. In addition, it is also convenient for each department to comprehensively grasp the information, connect back and forth, and remind each other.

  • project name
  • Data category
  • abstract
  • Date of preparation of information
  • Data number
  • Data preparation unit
  • Remark
  • Important page scan page
Basic information of project information management

    Item Number


    project name


    Planned building area


    Planned total investment


    Start date

Documentation and filing
Classification of scientific documents
Tight document permissions
Convenient inquiry and detailed usage records
Comprehensive management of preliminary materials, tender documents, project archives, contract archives, etc.
According to the needs of the management of various universities, the files are classified according to the type of data and the relevant authorization is performed.
Contract Management Subsystem
  • Contract split
  • Change in contract
  • Draw up a contract
  • Prepayment, withholding
  • Contract claim
  • Contract Works List
  • Contract template
  • Contract payment
  • Contract message maintenance

Project progress management

Project Plan

project progress

  • 时间 Time
  • 成本费用 Cost Expense
  • 材料设备 Material equipment
  • 质量安全 Quality and safety
  • 交付成果 Deliverables
  • 工程量 Engineering volume
  • 项目工程进度报告 Project progress report
  • 项目形象进度报告 Project image progress report
  • 交付成果进度报告 Delivery progress report

Engineering negotiation and settlement management

Functions such as contract change and contract settlement realize the management of contract-related affairs and prevent change black holes. When negotiation occurs, the engineering staff adds negotiation information in the PM2 system, and the negotiation amount is filled by the budget staff. Each additional negotiation should be able to reflect its impact on the contract and total project investment in the system.

After the settlement of the contract is completed, the budgeter fills in the system with the reported settlement amount, preliminary settlement amount, audited settlement amount, settlement report, and scan of the final form.

Fund payment management

录入和统计项目付款情况 Entry and statistics of project payment

解决不同办公区域,工程申请支付流程转签不便的问题,实现资金支付申请流程的网上转签 Solve the problem of inconvenient transfer of project application payment process in different office areas, and realize online transfer of fund payment application process

Project investment analysis

The system automatically generates relevant reports on the investment situation of infrastructure projects, and can query the cumulative completed investment (national allocation, self-financing), investment plan for the current year, and investment completed for the year.

Office functions

Realize the role of document transmission and monitoring. Except for the original document of the leader in reviewing and filing documents, which is a paper document, other documents should be transmitted without paper. Various documents and approval opinions are transmitted in the system in the form of documents and pictures. , And replace the current signing procedure with the transmission information recorded by the system, which can be used as the basis for implementation. This can reduce processes, improve efficiency, and save the environment.


success case

  • Application in Tsinghua University

    The entire system covers the entire process of project management; from the analysis of business processes to the management of the entire process of the business, effectively preventing business loopholes, and early warning of various business during the execution process; finally providing a comprehensive leadership monitoring platform for leaders to facilitate the overall management of the leadership. .....

  • The road to informatization of the University of Geosciences

    Through the daily construction management process of the school infrastructure through the PM2 system, it is possible to follow up the progress of the project, including the ability to query the main progress nodes of the new project, through the network diagram, the work calendar ...



Industry research

  • Research on User Demands of University Infrastructure Management Information System

  • Experiences in the management of large-scale infrastructure projects

  • Large-scale infrastructure project management


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