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With the continuous expansion of enterprise business, there is an urgent need for project management systems to strengthen the improvement of enterprise informationization and standardize the company's project management processes. In order to meet the continuous development needs of the company's business, strengthen the company's project management, improve the company's management level, and strengthen the control and monitoring efforts, the following project management informatization needs are proposed:

  • Product development process control

    It is required to reflect the implementation of the project progress from multiple perspectives, including time, department, and personnel.

  • Project task decomposition logical relationship management

    The project tasks are required to implement a logical relationship (start-to-start, start-to-complete, complete-to-start, complete-to-complete) during the decomposition process.

  • Escalation management of outsourced tasks

    Subcontractors are required to log in to the system through the Internet network to report progress on authorized project tasks.

  • Milestone Node Review Management

    The project milestone nodes are required to report independently for review.

  • Process document management

    At the same time that the project progress is required to be reported, results documents must be submitted, and all process documents implement version control and archive authorization inspection functions.

  • Quality acceptance review

    The project task is required to formulate review criteria and complete the report review in accordance with the quality acceptance criteria.

  • Collaborative office management

    The project is required to report the work plan and the completion of project tasks in time during the research and development process and initiate transfer approval.

  • Data analysis management

    It is required to automatically generate project progress data analysis and chart analysis from three perspectives of time, department, and personnel, intuitively grasp the company's project implementation status, and provide a scientific basis for leadership decisions.

Project approval management

When the company decides to launch a new project, it must first approve the project information in the system, such as the project name, person in charge, budget amount, customer name, milestone plan, project team information, etc., upload project-related electronic files, Initiate project signing.

Authorize project information to relevant personnel, only authorized personnel can see project information.

Project approval management

WBS decomposition and project templates

Divide the work of a project according to the stage and department (work breakdown), such as the pre-project work, design phase, production phase, installation and commissioning phase. Supports setting up and quoting WBS templates by project, quickly preparing project plans, and displaying Gantt charts.

Project Task Responsibility Matrix

Responsible persons can be set for project tasks. Responsible persons can perform detailed work such as disassembly, allocation, acceptance, and rejection. The project manager issues tasks based on actual work, designates task leaders, and requires completion time. The responsible person can continue to break down and refine the work, and display it hierarchically. You can clearly see the parent task and child tasks, the receiver receives the task, and confirms with the release person whether the task is completed. .

Fill in the schedule

According to the setting of the project team, the system will automatically push the tasks that are about to start and need to fill in the progress to the responsible person's desktop to remind them to fill in the progress.

You can directly fill in the report; you can also click the detailed report. If you want to upload the deliverables, you need to click "detail report". Supports quick multi-tasking, including temporary tasks. Milestone tasks support the completion of deliverable lists such as support goals and acceptance methods. The project task owner uploads the deliverables file. Effective after review of progress.

Project summary

Throughout the project's life cycle, lessons learned can be summarized for each stage as an organizational process asset for other projects to learn from.

Project progress overview

Project traffic light analysis

Labor time analysis and load kanban

Leadership Overview

Project Gantt query

Project summary

Throughout the project's life cycle, lessons learned can be summarized for each stage as an organizational process asset for other projects to learn from.