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As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

How does the product manager manage the project?

An excellent project manager plays an important role in the process of product iteration. How should a product manager do good project management? Interested friends, follow the project management software customer service to understand it ~

Any management, in essence, manages people. Project management is no exception. Whether a project can be successfully completed depends on whether members of the project team have a consistent goal and are willing to actively contribute to this goal until the project is completed. Too many dry goods for project management are teaching you how to carry out project management, what tools to use, and which methods to use. Few people talk about how to carry out project management from the perspective of human management.

Set goals at the start of the project

The author was fortunate to participate in the early product development process of the company's core strategic products. In order to quickly launch products to occupy the market, the authors formed an elite team composed of product managers and technology R & D for closed development. Before the project officially started, the product director analyzed the current form, market situation, and what the author's products will stir up at the project initiation conference. The core idea of the whole preaching is: "What the authors are doing is to change the whole takeaway industry. It is a thing that can create value for the society. The contribution of everyone here will contribute to this value."

The impact of the presentation was that the entire team worked overtime continuously or even for 2 weeks overnight, completing the project plan in advance, leaving sufficient time for marketing. Through this matter, the author is particularly impressed, because I personally participated in the entire process, the entire team gathered together, and the fighting power that erupted can overcome all difficulties. When I later acted as a project manager, the author also noticed that applying this to project management has achieved good results when several important products were launched.

Set a achievable goal for the team. This goal may not be so ambitious. It can be how much the improvement of the conversion rate of a product can improve the conversion rate. It can also be the restructuring of a module that can make the entire process smoother. The experience can also be a new feature that brings cost savings to the company. Such a goal can help the team to unify the consciousness, allow everyone in the team to recognize the goal, integrate the small writer with the big writer, thereby enhancing team cohesion and improving production. effectiveness.

Arrange work clearly

The author once arranged a pre-research task for a colleague of the project team, [Research on picture recognition of take-out tickets], and that was exactly what he told him at that time. A week later, the author checked the results of the pre-study, of course, the results disappointed the author. In the end, this pre-study task was not applied to the product.

Later, the author summarized the reasons why the mission failed. First, the author did not tell him what the background of the pre-research technology was, and why he wanted to identify the information on the ticket; second, the author did not tell him what standards the pre-research technology must meet to complete, such as identification How much speed must be achieved, how accurate can be achieved, the identification information must be structured, and so on; then, the author did not specify when this pre-research task needs to be completed, not urgent.

These are often mistakes that are often easy to make as a person in a preliminary management position. When you are going to arrange your work, you need to tell the background of the task in detail to help him understand what he has done; tell the acceptance criteria. , To help them complete the task without deviation; tell them when they are done so that they can plan their work. Sometimes a task may involve multiple people. At this time, you also need to clarify each person's division of labor and the main responsible person. Sometimes when you feel that your team is not performing, ask yourself if you have done all of the things above.

Be a proactive person

The author introduced some project management artifacts and methodologies in the first few articles of project management. You can also search for a variety of agile theories on the Internet. Many people try to apply these methodologies to project management, but they also do what they do. Not good, they are entangled with the use of physical kanbans or software kanbans; are the stickers on the kanbans in the wrong format? What should be the format of the project weekly report, and then hope that the project management can be done well through these tools and methodologies In fact, project management is much more than that.

After the project iteration begins, do n’t expect developers to automatically update the task progress every day. In fact, you often see that they always change the status of several requirements at the end of the iteration; you also do n’t expect to pass the weekly project To grasp the progress of the project iteration, when you realize that the project is at risk of deferral after one week, it is too late. You need to always ask the project members what they need to complete. On the one hand, they should do the front-end and back-end docking or task adjustment in a timely manner according to the completion of the members; on the one hand, if you find that the project has risks, avoid or explain in advance; finally, the project team Members affirm the needs that have been completed, help project team members with problems encountered in their work, and clear obstacles in iteration.

In addition to proactively understanding the situation of project members completing tasks, in the process of project management, they must also be good at identifying problems, discovering process deficiencies, continuously improving and improving processes, and turning exceptions into exceptions. No matter how good the methodology is, the more detailed the requirement decomposition is, the project iteration will not be realized automatically, and doing project management is not doing the shopkeeper.

mutual respect

In the process of project management, you may encounter that when the project progresses to a certain stage, an unexpected situation is encountered and the project cannot proceed normally. At this time, some project managers may use their own functions to directly propose solutions for project members to execute. The agile iterative methodology says that the team should be self-organizing and respect the professional capabilities of each team member. The project manager does not represent his professional ability, but represents the overall interests of the group he manages. In this case, the only thing you need to do is to help him remove the obstacles. If he needs to discuss, you will help him summon relevant personnel. Discuss; if he needs to consult the information, help him prepare relevant materials. When you respect the capabilities of others, you also gain more respect and leadership.

Open communication

For project management, in addition to managing project iterations, you also need managers. What is the status of the employees, are you mentally aware of that, who is who is the latest and why is the mood so low, who is the one who has been so negative recently, who is the one who has performed well recently, who is the one who has recently implemented serious bugs? What happened Bad habits can easily affect the value tendency of the team. When the author once worked in a company and left the company, the entire team was almost completely disbanded because of the negative team atmosphere.

When I was a part-time project manager, I would find a project member to talk about the work situation almost every week. I knew whether he encountered any problems in his work. When HRBP consulted the situation of some employees with the author, I was surprised that Staff understanding. Some things require the project manager to take the initiative to understand, rather than listening to others' comments, more communication, more communication, is another important thing for project management.

Help team members grow

This last point is the most profound experience that the author has experienced since project management, and the most valuable experience I have learned. The author represents the overall interests of the team. The external author is the project manager of the wireless project team. Others recognize you because your team is the team with the strongest execution ability, and others' recognition of you comes from everyone in the team. You ca n’t take pride in saying that it ’s because you are awesome. Realizing this deeply, I have told my friends many times that I am not qualified to be the project manager.

In order to help the team members grow, what you need to do is to let the superiors know the efforts made by the members in a timely manner. It is not difficult to do this. You only need to inform the superiors from time to time in the weekly report. How much effort was spent and how much effort was put into the project to get the best possible benefits for it. In addition, members are encouraged to share their experiences, share their experiences with others, and grow together. Finally, when the team encounters a problem, you should take the initiative to think about the reason as the first responsible person, instead of directly asking others why they didn't get things done. In addition to these, helping the team to fight for benefits, organizing good expansion activities, and strengthening cohesion among team members are all within their ability as project managers.

Hope that the introduction of the project management software customer service can be helpful to you, follow me for more news! If you do not understand those aspects, you can click to consult the authors, and the authors will have a professional to answer your questions!

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