Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Bangyong helps Jin Dongyang realize project information management

On December 5th, Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jindongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully signed an agreement. Both parties reached an agreement on the application of PM2 project management system under Bangyong to realize the company's internal project informationization and systematic management and control.

Jindongyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jindongyang") was registered in Daxing Branch on May 16, 2008. In the 11 years of the company's development, it has always provided customers with good products and technical support and sound after-sales service. , The company's main business is construction general contracting; engineering design; computer system integration; economic and trade consulting; technology development, transfer, consulting, services; contract exhibitions; sales of building materials, decorative materials, electronic products, hardware and electricity (excluding three rounds) Motorcycles and wheelchairs for the disabled), steel, chemical products (excluding dangerous and a class of precursor chemicals).

With the rapid development of Jin Dongyang, there is an increasing need for integrated project management ideas, standardized management of various engineering projects, and real-time tracking and control of projects through project planning, cost analysis, and project communication management. . As a well-known informatization manufacturer in the industry, Bangyong has focused on informatization development for more than a decade. With mature informatization management concepts, professional informatization products, perfect after-sales service, and stable customer groups in the industry, it has successfully won The favor of Jin Dongyang leadership.

By signing this contract, Jin Dongyang will establish a comprehensive information and standardized management platform by applying Bangyong PM2 system, improve work efficiency, avoid risks, and enhance core competitiveness. Bangyong will also rely on the successful implementation of PM2 software in Jin Dongyang, further accumulate experience in information management in the industry, and provide better products for more industry customers.

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