Full application of Bangyong PM2 project management software in system integration industry

As a professional contractor of weak current system engineering, Mingte Networks has advanced management concepts and management systems. With the increasing number of projects under construction at the same time, coordinating various projects and various functional departments of the company ...

Yunnan Asia-Pacific Environmental PM2 Application Case

The PM2 project management system can be used to summarize the data of each department of the company, which mainly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the processes between the departments to be unified, and is reflected in the form of reports ...

Bangyong won the bid for investment informatization of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University

On November 28th, Beijing Bangyong Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the information management system of the infrastructure management information project of Hebei Medical University Fourth Hospital. The state-owned PM2 system helped it realize the efficient and systematic management of Party A's investment projects.

The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University and Hebei Provincial Cancer Hospital, founded in 1955, is a large-scale comprehensive tertiary hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and preventive care, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of tumors. The Hebei Provincial Cancer Center, the Hebei Provincial Cancer Research Institute, the Hebei Provincial Cancer Prevention Office, the Hebei Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, and the China-Japan Friendship Cancer Examination Center of Hebei Province are all located in the hospital. On December 4, 2018, it was announced as the first batch of tumor multidisciplinary pilot hospitals by the National Health Commission.

With the continuous development of the enterprise and the continuous expansion of the scale, new requirements are also put on the management of the enterprise. How to adapt the management efficiency, management and control capabilities of the enterprise to the continuous development of the enterprise? The introduction of information technology into enterprise management and the introduction of project management information system into the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University are effective means to improve management, efficiency and quality. Based on this, the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University publicly tendered the project information management system to the society. Bangyong successfully won the bid with the professional humanized functional design of its product Bangyong PM2 system, rich industry cases and high-quality and perfect products and services. Both parties work together to achieve a win-win situation.

The state-owned PM2 investment project management system is based on the international advanced project management knowledge system, with investment and capital as the core of control. Through scientific and standardized project cost division, investment estimates, design estimates, bidding management, contract management, and project planning progress are made. Unified planning can reflect the dynamic investment and project progress at any time of the project at any time, so as to fully realize the investment control and project progress control of each stage of the investment project, and provide convenient and intuitive analysis and decision data for leaders at all levels. It is a powerful assistant for the project construction unit to realize the informationization of project management and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

With the signing of this contract, the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University will apply Bangyong PM2 system to carry out informatization control of core aspects such as project contracts, costs, and funds. It will always pay attention to information changes, avoid stagnation of news, delay in decision-making, and greatly improve work effectiveness. Bangyong will also build Bangyong PM2 project management system with advanced technology, rich practical experience and high-quality services under the high recognition and trust of our customers, and make great efforts for the development of informatization for users.

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